Target group analysis

Through a target group analysis you get a clear picture of your trading portfolio, market share and ideas on what opportunities can be found there. The analysis compares the trading portfolio with information from the Company Registry, Land and Real Estate Registry, the Defaulting Debtors Database and Creditinfo‘s Credit Score. Thus market share is analysed by regions, industries, legal form, size and risk. We recommend a target group analysis in order to identify the opportunities. The analysis then makes it easy to see which target group list is of use for your company. A meeting with Creditinfo‘s consultants presenting the findings and advising on the next moves is included.

Sample copy: Target Group Analysis

Target group lists

Target group lists are tailored to your needs. The data are collected from e.g. the Company Registry and National Registers that guarantees their validity. Data from third parties such as the Transport Authority, telephone directory and the Directorate of Fisheries can be added as well. The Company Registry contains ca 32.000 legal entities of which only 14.000 are active, according to Creditinfo‘s analysis. We only show you those companies that are actively in business.

Let us know what kind of target group lists you require and we will make you a price quote.