Year on year comparison

A financial statement report includes key operational and financial figures from up to five financial statements registered at Creditinfo. The report also includes data from the company‘s Credit Score, main key ratios and industry comparison.

Single financial statements

Financial statements that have been entered into a standardised form with key ratios and industry comparisons. The previous year‘s financial statement is also shown, if available. The scanned copies of financial statements in their original format can be purchased as well.

On financial statements

Financial statement shows the results of operations and assets by the end of a period for the company or organisation that issues it. The Financial Statements Act no. 317 from 2006 obliges all limited companies, private limited companies, partnerships limited by guarantee and cooperatives to file a financial statement and consolidated accounts if applicable. The origin of financial statements can be from the Internal Revenue Directorate or the Icelandic Stock Exchange. There are various types of financial statements; traditional financial statements, parent company accounts and consolidated accounts.

Main information

  • Profit and loss account
  • Balance sheet – Assets
  • Balance sheet - debts and capital
  • Cash flow
  • Financial ratios
  • Financial analysis
  • Industry comparison