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Corporate linkage report

The linkage report is a detailed summary of information on the links between corporate executives and companies. It includes information such as the Board Chairman‘s and the Managing Director‘s involvement with associative businesses; information on owners and shareholders; subsidiaries and affiliates; and annual financial results of associative businesses.

Shareholders and shareholding in other businesses

Information on shareholders and shareholding by a company in other businesses and the extent of shareholding.

Company Registry

The Company Registry reveals information on the principals of companies, their board members, the company‘s purpose, the registered equity and more. The current and former listing can be viewed or the comparison of listing on two different dates. The Registry is updated daily. Newly listed companies can be monitored and an email alert can be sent when a company is listed in the Company Registry. It is possible to limit the monitoring to keywords, for instance if only a particular industry is to be monitored.

Associative businesses

Associative business report includes information on what companies, listed in the Company Registry, are linked to a specified individual and which position they hold, whether the individual concerned is chairman, deputy board member, managing director, authorised signer, auditor or founder.